Held once a year at Rowany Festival, this competition showcases the costumers of Lochac.

A different theme is set every year, and entrants need to meet the theme from their chosen time and place.

This Year...

2018_ Capsule Wardobe_splash2.png

One of the joys of the SCA is being able to pick and choose a time and place in history to suit your style and interest, and maybe to have a different one every day. However, there is also the other end of the SCA scale, choosing a single time and place and doing it well. (Interested in what inspires us to create? Check out this post on the Lochac A&S website.)  

This competition is for the second type of person. It's inspired by extant inventories which show that most people didn't have a large wardrobe, but instead had a functional one with a few items that were worn regularly, some warm items and a “good” item, and underwear that was frequently cleaned. 

The intent of this competition is to encourage people to fill in gaps in their Festival wardrobe, as well as inspire research into how a complete outfit for a chosen time and place would look.


How to Enter

The competition is held during Rowany Festival, so check the timetable for time and place. All you need to do is turn up at this time and let Mistress Clara (the organiser) know that you are interested in entering.

You have 5 minutes to talk about your entry, including which time and place you have chosen, how you made it, and any evidence you have for decisions you've made.


See The Rules for information on our experience based categories, required items, materials and evidence.


Everyone in the crowd is asked to score participants on using the criteria. The entrant with the most points in each category wins. 


Complete the registration form.This is only to get a sense of numbers and so we can put people into a sensible order for viewers. You can still turn up on the day and enter if you’re not sure OR you can put your name down now and then pull out on the day. It’s all OK.

Previous Competitions

2018 - Improvements

The Challenge: Present ONE item (not a whole outfit) that you have improved.

Overall winner - Lady Gwen verch David

2017 - Capsule Wardrobe

The Challenge: Create a wardrobe for a specific time and place, with two new items made in the last 12 months

Beginner - Lady Mildryth Thomaswyf

Intermediate - Lady Gwen verch David

Experienced - Mistress Miriam Galbraith and Master Járnulfr Þórólfsson

2016 - Something you are proud of

The Challenge: Share something you have made that you are proud of

This was an open forum, so no winners were determined.